While it would be nice to be able to tear our your entire bathroom, double its size, and install an indoor/outdoor infinity tub, chances are this level of renovation project doesn’t exactly fit in your (or my) budget. Never fear! Here are 5 high-impact, low-cost ideas that will completely update the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank:

1. Refresh Your Cabinets

5 Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Update Your Bathroom

As with kitchens, you can make a big impact without tearing everything out. One of the simplest and easiest changes to make is to repaint your vanity face. Change the color of the doors, and swap out the hardware. It will honestly look like an entirely new space. Just make sure you choose the right type of paint to withstand the water and humidity of the bathroom.

2. Install A New Sink Faucet

5 Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Update Your Bathroom

 This is a trick designers use to give the bathroom an instant update without having to replace an entire countertop and vanity. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce a new metallic detail like brass or a sophisticated matte black which is all the rage right now. Take it one step further by changing out the shower head and taps, and replacing any existing towel bars with bars in the same color to tie the whole room together and make it look brand-new.

3. Paint The Shower Tiles

5 Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom still have a serious case of the 1980’s? Pepto Bismol pink tiles as far as the eye can see? Tearing out tiles and subsequent re-tiling can be a time-consuming, dusty, and costly procedure. A much more cost-effective, quick option is to keep the existing shower tiles and spray painting them a clean, crisp white. It’s a simple solution that results in an instant, modern face-lift.

4. Paint or Wallpaper Your Walls

5 Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Update Your Bathroom

 Bathroom walls are often neglected when it comes to color. They can (and should) have just as much interest as your bedroom or living room, and since bathrooms are usually smaller, you can make a bold choice here without worry. Paint a feature wall with a non-standard bathroom color, or try a wallpaper that you have always loved but have been too apprehensive to use for an entire room.

5. Hang Pictures

5 Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Hanging art on the wall of a room is what personalizes a space, so don’t forget your bathroom! Even though you don’t necessarily spend hours in this space, a bathroom with art on its walls gives the impression that time and thought was put into this oft-neglected room. Artwork is also a great way to make a small bathroom look larger: select a photo from a past family trip and blow it up to a large size [Link to hanging are blog post]. Have it framed and hung and voila-it’s like adding another window to the room without doing any construction.

Hopefully these five simple and easy ideas will inspire you to make those changes to your bathroom!

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