Making your home look artfully curated and chic while maintaining your signature style and personality can be a challenge, but don’t worry-it can be done. Follow our five tips to fool your friends and family into thinking you’ve had the help of a designer to make your interiors incredible!


1. Pick a motif or theme and apply it everywhere

How to Make Your Home Look Like a Designer Put it Together

The first thing to consider when designing your home is to think about making the entire space cohesive. The best way to do this is to pick a theme and stick to it. And you really stick to it! Use your theme to inform your color use and style choices. From now on all your wall colors, soft furnishings, tableware, the lot, will compliment your theme or motif.

So how do I pick a theme or motif I hear you ask? Well, it can be anything! Start putting together a mood board and see what develops. This is how we suggest you get started.

  1. Add anything and everything to your board. Not just home design ideas, any photo at all that you like can inspire colors and textures. Do you share your home with anyone? Ask them to do the same. It won’t be long until some common themes start to emerge.
  2. Edit and refine. Now you’ve started to see some themes emerge, remove anything that doesn’t fit your theme. Hopefully, by this stage you’re starting to see a style develop on your mood board.
  3. Develop the style! It’s time to start looking to add to your mood board again, but this time, go out of your way to look for inspiration that fits your theme.

Now you’ve got a theme that everyone loves, the key is to use it everywhere. You’d be amazed how stylish and expensive even real bargain items can look when they’ve been deliberately chosen to coordinate and compliment with each other.


2. Mix styles, but not too many

Sticking to your theme or motif doesn’t mean you have to stick to one style. Getting a bit creative will add interest and depth to your home.  What we mean by that is you might want to pick the main style, and a secondary style. How about a home that’s 80% classical colonial style with 20% ultra-modern and sleek accents. Or picking out pieces of furniture in fairly elaborate, decorative styles but keeping your color scheme really minimal and monochromatic? Not quite sticking to the rules is what will move your home from ‘rather nice’ to show-stopping.


3. Make a point of displaying the personal touches.

How to Make Your Home Look Like a Designer Put it Together

Your favourite personal items are what’s going to make your house transform into your home, so let’s celebrate them. Give your personal photos and trinkets the special attention they deserve. We love a gallery wall, it can contain family photos, tickets from special events and even small items framed in shadow boxes or displayed on floating shelves. As your home becomes more and more lived in, watch your personally curated gallery grow and evolve.


4. Leave white space

How to Make Your Home Look Like a Designer Put it Together

Clutter is the fastest way to keep your home from looking expensive and well designed. If there’s too much to look at, how can you appreciate each gorgeous item you spent so long picking out? So make sure you leave a bit of white space. Contrary to what you might think, leaving a little bit more space won’t make your home look empty and boring, it will draw attention to what you DO have. Load a shelf with too much and risk creating a little bit of a homogenous mess. If you remember only one thing, remember this. Things tend to look best in clusters of three or five. Apply this rule in your home and watch it get chicer by the second.


5. The luxe finishing touches

How to Make Your Home Look Like a Designer Put it Together

The final tip we’re going to leave as ‘luxe touches’. You’ve probably read everywhere that adding fresh flowers to every room is a shortcut to designer-inspired excellence, and it’s true. We’re going to take it a tiny bit further. We love a scented candle to elevate the style of your room. A candle adds cosiness to a living room, romance to a dining table and some much-needed decadence to a bathroom. Do not overlook them! Look about your home for little upgrades. Could you put your hand soap in a stylish dispenser? How about updating your kitchen storage to canisters than coordinate and stack beautifully? Make sure every room has one or two little luxury upgrades, they truly do go such a long way!

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