Your bedroom should be a comfortable, relaxing oasis-a place you look forward to spending more time in than just sleeping. Here I’m giving you 5 key tips (that I use all the time to help my clients) to achieve just that goal:


One of the worst things ever is to wake up on a cold winter’s morning, sit up, swing your feet over the edge of the bed, and step on a freezing, cold floor! Save yourself the shock by investing in a plush rug that feels lovely underfoot. Another benefit of a bedroom rug is that it anchors the space, so that all your furniture pieces don’t feel like they are arbitrarily placed and “floating” around the room.



Not all bedrooms are large enough to accommodate a bedside table, but if yours is, then go for it! They are obviously ideal places to put your books, a lamp, and glasses (or glass of milk) at night. If you have a theme running through your room, for example using copper in the lighting, bed legs, etc., then the bedside table is a great place to include these touches (in the drawer handles for instance), so that the room subtly feels pulled-together but not matchy-matchy.



Certain areas are fine to skimp on – this is not one of them. Purchase the highest quality bedding you can afford. It used to be that 5 star hotel quality sheets were out of reach for all but the wealthiest of people. Luckily nowadays you can get some really luxurious feeling textiles online or at home goods stores without breaking the bank. Your body will thank you for it!



You want your bedroom to reflect your own personal style and not look like a showroom. Artwork is a great way to inject unique elements into your space. A common misconception is that artwork is very expensive, but in actuality this does not need to be the case! There are some amazing online shops that sell original artwork like at very reasonable prices, or take some of your own photos and blow them up to a large size and have them framed.



While we’re on the subject of nightstands, one thing to leave OFF your list of items in the bedroom is technology. We are all basically tied to our smartphones, laptops and other devices throughout the entire day; don’t let these things encroach into your bedroom! Technology disturbs our bodily rhythms and literally makes it harder to relax and rest-exactly what you should be doing in your bedroom oasis. So put your phone chargers in another room, and if possible keep the tv out too!

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