Using the color black extensively throughout a home might not be your first inclination, as it is too often associated with dark, gloomy spaces, and (unfairly imho) has received negative connotations through the years when it comes to design. I am here to tell you that it is time to change your opinion! Black is one of the most versatile, sophisticated, elegant tones you can use in your living space. It provides a sense of calm and tranquility, and far from being bleak and depressing, it can actually be uplifting in any room of the house. Below I will show you some examples of projects in which my firm, B Squared Design, used black to wonderful effect – proof that black is truly beautiful.



This living room started out all white, but it had so many colors and pieces going on that despite the light color, the room felt cluttered and dim. We decided that the antidote would be to introduce black as the feature wall, as well as in the rug, chair, storage and accessories. By doing this, we effectively provided a clean, bold backdrop. The abundance of natural light and injection of touches of white in the sofa, the baseboard, etc. insured that the room no longer felt jumbled and busy. Even the black of the television (when not being used) rather than becoming a black hole, purposefully reflected the foliage from outside and further enlivened the room.



The original dining room in this home was a mix of colors and materials that didn’t enhance the character of the space, and made it feel crowded and busy. The client did, however, like the existing bench in the room, so we reupholstered it in a charcoal-toned fabric, and then decided to go bold and paint all the walls in black. With accents of chrome, marble and glass, the end-result was neither dark nor boring. The dining room emerged as an elegant, chic room with multiple layers of depth and texture, becoming a fabulous place to entertain guests.



A black color theme in a bedroom doesn’t mean it will turn into a dungeon. Used properly, the color can bring a calming, cocooning effect to the space. Your bedroom should be your oasis-an escape from the hustle and bustle of the day-so by using this color, you can create a luxurious, stylish and soothing space. In this bedroom, we painted all the walls of the room black. Rather than having the effect of making the room seem smaller, the space actually felt much more expansive with the dark hue. At night, with the overhead light dimmed, it became a magical jewel box of a space, and by adding touches of matte gold and faux fur, the client was enveloped in luxurious surroundings-simply ideal for a good night’s rest.



Black is not just for adult spaces. For this child’s room, the client wanted a fun, yet sophisticated space for her daughter that would grow along with her. B Squared Design thought this would be a perfect place to bring in black through a useful feature, so we put in a black chalkboard wall. It is a great backdrop to the paintings, and also something that can be actively used for drawings, homework, and playdates. All it takes is a quick swab with a towel, and the wall becomes pristine again. A black wall at its best-functional and fabulous!


Designing a kitchen in black used to be unheard of, but today it is becoming more and more popular. The reasons for this are clear: black feels fresh, it can be easily cleaned, and the color imparts an air of timeless modernity that is hard to beat. Paired with whites and natural elements, the black kitchen is inviting and exciting-truly a space that you would want to spend time and prepare delicious meals in.


Nothing is more decadent than a spa bathroom, and who wouldn’t want to recreate that at home? While spa décor comes in a wide range of styles, one that never fails to evoke that zen feeling is a black-themed one. This bathroom is a excellent example: by painting the walls black, selecting a black tub and sink, and then using a herringbone pattern of wood and rich gold fixtures, the overall effect is not dark or dungeon-like at all. Rather, it becomes the ultimate luxe relaxation space.

So, next time you’re thinking about colors for your home, give black some serious consideration. You definitely will not be disappointed!

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